Midwestern Grace

by Van Lente, Mason Jennings

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released September 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Van Lente Muskegon, Michigan

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Track Name: And So He Howls
It's right down there below the waist
the hollow place for waves they crash I
see it in my head so clear that
blinded spot you've always feared and

so he howls

I'll chase you in the pit of night no
moon that glows could light these eyes we'll
give our minds for state of grace that
love we wrought will keep us safe and

so he howls

you'll find it in the depths so blue
where hungry tides they carry you its
all round us so live and clear that
blinded spot has drawn us near and

so he howls
Track Name: Dance Unshowing
Dance with me the dance un-showing.
Hush the mind. Presence alive, it's glowing.
Dance the dance with me un-showing.
Open the heart. Don't fight the knowing.
There's so much more than meets the eye.
Truth resolved it's nature in disguise.
Dance the dance for me unfolding.
The world alive inside it's Growing.
I want to walk with you.
Track Name: Swoon Me Solemn
So I'm soft in sulky sounds
where the lace it reigned
my heart it drowned

and the weather came a rocking hard
for my hopes I hope they venture on
for the day when love returns my calls
oh my hopes I hope they venture on

and i'll gaze upon your sacred eye
where the answers lie endues off thy

come on swoon me solemn make my grave
over days where holy sings his songs
over days where mountain rocks come fall
over waves of swallow and withdrawal
come on rock me hollow swing me soft
and I'm dancing on a day with god

all I want is you hold me hand
lets give us another dying chance

come on peace they tell me still it stands
when I'm waving baby be romance
cause I'm slaving baby be my hands

come on rock me hollow swing me soft
and I'm swallowed over waves and gnaws
of a fully loaded lovers draw
come swoon me solemn make my grave